SEO is the cheapest for of internet marketing. It allows businesses , who does not have hundreds of dollars for marketing. Search Engine Optimization allows them to compete with bigger companies for the market share.

It is clearly one of the most inexpensive and fastest way to get new customers. It is also great, because anybody can start a business with low budget, because of the reach of the internet. The fact that  it is available for anybody makes everybody a producers a .

But lets get back to main topic, what is really seo. Search engine optimization is a way of tweaking your website to make it relevant to the searches the browsers make. If you optimize the factors, which are necessary to show relevance, as others say  you have a higher chance of getting up on the top.

Nowadays SEO New York and search engine optimization minneapolis is really simple and anybody, who wants to do it, can do it. If you want more visitors and customers on your website, it is crucial for you to start implementing the strategies can be found in this website:

There are two things  you have to pay attention for. Off page and on page optimization. Off page optimization involves building links and referring to other sites, when on the other hand on page is a form of making your site relevant; putting related images, videos and keywords on your page.

On page optimization cost nothing, because anybody, who can modify a site can do it. You just need to learn what factors , which are important to modify. It can take 1 hour to make the changes , however they are worth it. It can give you instant relevance and search engine boost.

Off page in contrary to on-page is more expensive, because you need to have other resources, not just your website. You need to purchase websites to link to your website. It is more complicated than that but for now its enough if you get the main picture.

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On Page Case Studies:

What i am really talking about. There is a company for tefl review,  who has increased its rankings just by making the youtube video relevant for the keyword.

Another example would be the  Tony Shay Seo Malta Company. The website has no links to yet ranks first page. It is interesting phenomena, because on the other hand another SEO Malta company does have links pointing to them, but they are not located on the first page yet.


Off Page Case Studies

The off page situation has also change in the new year, therefore we do not provide with those for you guys. I assume you do not mind to not learn something, which cannot be taken to practice. – it was in January

Now in June there is a new case study from a web design Malta agency, which has conducted a study, where they were testing the positive effects of youtube videos. They have found that having a relevant youtube video on your page helps in search engine optimization. The difference between with and w/ was 1 pages, which can be considered as very significant.  You have to make sure to embed the video in the biggest format, just like the web design Malta firm has done so, otherwise the effective will be slight. If you have noticed similar things let us know with a message.

Page Domination:

Page domination is a term, which was first invented by Seo New York agency in 2011, means covering the whole first page with your property so the competition has no chance of getting click through rates. It creates instant monopoly on the Google’s search result page. It can be done best with private blog network,  because they have such strong power and they are easy to control as optimization goes.